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About me

My name is Steve Peak and I'm a jack of all trades. I'm mostly a software engineer and designer/artist but I also co-own and run a permaculture community and farm where I teach sustainable living practices. I am passionate about sustainability and symbiosis and I apply that to my work and art.

I pretty much do anything digital and a lot of analog things too. I can help you build basically whatever you want and you should hire me!

  • Software Engineering (JS,CSS3,HTML5,PHP,SQL / Mobile Apps)
  • UX & App design
  • Visual art, logos and design
  • Video / animation and sound editing / creation
  • Music creation
  • Permaculture design, sustainable agriculture
  • Teaching and management skills
  • And more...

And if you love supporting art, then you can buy all kinds of cool stuff with my art on it. Check out the link below!